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Linda Kalb Hamm, M.Ed.                                                               

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Leader            

Linda has always been fascinated by the mind and spirit.  After completing her undergraduate studies in Sociology and Psychology at U.C. Berkeley, she was drawn to the philosophy of  the Montessori education  system because of its  celebration of the joy and wonder of childhood and its emphasis on  a  genuine, universal connection with others.  Her Montessori training gave her a unique perspective of education ... that its highest purpose was to teach compassion and respect for all who inhabit the world around us, something Dr. Maria Montessori described as "education for peace."  According to Linda, "The delight that my students expressed in this learning environment was contagious!"
Now, Linda teaches  another form of gleeful and infectious learning that connects students of all ages to the people and world around them ... Laughter Yoga!  Whether she is working with children, teens, adults , seniors or memory care patients,  she experiences that same contagious delight of childhood as her students discover the relaxation and joy of unconditional laughter.
Linda believes that Laughter Yoga is the best integrative work-out for body, mind and soul. It has provided her with the tools to stay positive throughout some challenging personal and health ordeals. She knows that laughter can give us the ability to handle whatever life sends our way, and helps us lead  a healthy, balanced, positive, caring and joyful existence.   Like other laughter professionals, her mission is to share the jubilance  of unconditional laughter  with students of all ages to promote a better life,  a peaceful world and a graceful transition to whatever is next!
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